This Sporting Life

by Skint & Demoralised

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The second Skint & Demoralised album. Released digitally and on CD on 12th March 2012.


released March 12, 2012

All tracks written by Abbott/Gledhill.
Produced and Mixed by MiNI dOG.
Performed by Matt Abbott and David Gledhill.
Recorded by MiNI dOG at 6x7 Studios, Sheffield.



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Lonely Hearts of England
Approval and affection, well they force you to perform
When you look at your reflection, does it make you feel warm?
Or does something hold you back, until someone holds you tight
Someone for a life-time, or maybe just a night

And I’ve tried and failed many times, I’ve rarely won
But I am a chatty bugger, yes I am my mother’s son
So I’ll try and find my finest shirt and show ‘em what I can
I’ve got various ambitions as an independent man

Does it make you start to question, is it better left unsaid?
With the power of suggestion there’s a stranger in your bed
Does it meet your expectation, does it ever guarantee?
Will the lonely hearts of England stand and raise a glass with me

With the girls all wearing dresses, and the fellas wearing shoes
Everything excessive, and everything to lose
When the bells ring out for two o’clock, it’s the measure of your night
You’ll either end-up frisky or you’ll end-up in a fight

Are you standing with your sweetheart, are you looking for a match?
Do you tell yourself in silence that you really are a catch?
When you step outside for a cigarette and you try to make her laugh
And then treat her to the doubles with the last of the overdraft

Just get another round in, we’re wasting precious time
No celibates, we’re celebrating living in our prime
Do you often sit and wonder, what happiness might be?
Will the lonely hearts of England stand and raise a glass with me

Old Father Time with his stacks of coins is propping-up the bar
He’s seen all kinds of faces, but he’s never been that far
He’s fragile and he’s bony, with skin as thin as silk
But he’d drink a pint of whiskey like you’d drink a pint of milk

When your song came on the jukebox, and you had to stand and jive
And it’s nine o’clock on a Friday night when you really come alive
Just lose your inhibitions, and forget about the truth
‘cause the one thing that you can’t get back is the freedom of your youth

And by twelve o’clock tomorrow, I doubt that we’ll recall
When the truth comes out and you start to shout and there’s nothing past these walls
And they’re snoozing by the telly if they choose to disagree
Will the lonely hearts of England stand and raise a glass with me

Have you spotted someone sexy, are you trying to catch their eye?
It’s a bloody expensive taxi if you stand around all shy
With a little introduction and a little bit of charm
You’ve a belly filled with butterflies and someone on your arm

I’ve told you many times before and I’ll tell you many more
You’re my greatest friend in the bloody world, and that is something sure
And I know I’ve never met you, but you’re such a bloody star
So let’s gather our possessions and we’ll find another bar

If it’s sunny or it’s snowing, it’s a ritual for life
If you’re looking for a girlfriend or you’re hiding from your wife
If you’re drinking on your pension, if you’re young and fancy free
Will the lonely hearts of England stand and raise a glass with me

Will the lonely hearts of England stand and raise a glass with me
Will the lonely hearts of England stand and raise a glass with me